A Very Cool Website!

I know that this blog is supposed to focus on the Buzz that effects Southern California, but I ran across a website that is really worth mentioning. I owe this one to my wife who heard an interview on NPR yesterday while she was driving back from an appointment.

The site is called “Wolfgang’s Vault“, which is a pretty strange name until you read about who Wolfgang was. Wolfgang was the original first name of Bill Graham the legendary rock impresario who is credited with over 35,000 concerts the world over.

Apparently, he made a habit of taping many of the live concerts and stored them in the basement of his headquarters building where they laid dormant. That is, until Bill Sagan, now president of Wolfgang’s Vault, purchased the archives in 2003 not knowing what real jewels he would find.

All the music is live concerts and there is a vast array of performers: James Taylor from 1970, Led Zeppelin from what was probably their first live performance (they felt compelled to introduce the band members) and hundreds more.

If you want to hear some great music, they are streaming a 5 hour continuous show which they say they update frequently. They are in the process of getting all the distribution rights and agreements so that they can package and sell the music. Until then, you can still listen in and hear some great music. For some of us, we can reminisce about where we were when we first heard a song.

And a special thanks to my wife for listening to NPR and finding this gem. I think I know what channel will be on in my office for the next few weeks.



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