Podcasts, Moving from Listening to Creating

This is not going to be a post on equipment, recording, editing or syndicating. There are quite a few good books on the subject, and, if you have an IT staff, they can probably set you up faster than I can explain what you need and you go and purchase the needed items. Suffice it to say, that you probably have most of what you need in whatever computer you already have.

This is about answering the question, Why should I bother Podcasting? The simple answer is that it is an easy way to have another communication vehicle to talk with your customers, employees, suppliers and anyone else you want to understand about your company and what you are trying to accomplish. What’s more you allow your constituents to hear your tone, inflection, emphasis on topics and you can actually laugh instead of using ūüôā or lol or other emoticons.

You know how it is with the written word. Most of us try to remember and follow all the rules: write at an 8th grade level, keep it short, be on point, etc. When you’re done, you read it and it sounds good to you. Others read it and think you are mad, or upset, confused, unclear, terse, and other adjectives that describe a feeling that you were absolutely trying to avoid.

You have all experienced this with email. You’ve heard people describing it as terse. I am sure that each and every reader has at least one experience where what they wrote in an email was misinterpreted or misunderstood. If you thought you might be misunderstood and needed to communicate with one person, you would probably try and talk live or, at least leave a voice message. But what if you wanted to talk to a group and have them listen when they had the time?

Customers, employees, suppliers, the press or others love to hear from the top dog. Every day CNBC has segments where they get to talk to leaders in the news. However, CNBC will not call you that frequently and if they do, they control the conversation. You want to have your constituents hear your voice while you control the content, tone, and conversation? Podcasting is a solution.

What’s more, it doesn’t have to be one way. Like with Blogs, you want to start a conversation and find out what customers want. How many of you start your business planning by asking your marketing department what’s keeping your customers up at night? What pains are they experiencing that you can help solve? How do they feel about¬†your products and services?

I have talked with a number of leaders of technology companies that have trouble with their products being adopted. They have all the traditional elements covered: Advertising, Marketing Communications, Webinars, Seminars, Customer Education, well versed Sales teams, but still they are not making enough headway.

What if you, as the leader, had a regular mechanism where customers could hear you talk about how you use the solution, how it saves you time, money or makes your life easier. They hear you interviewing peer equivalents talking about their experiences. They hear you answer voice mails or emails, and hear you address others concerns.

They don’t have to login at a special time, or be sitting in one place listening to what’s going on. They can download it and listen to you talk while they are walking on a treadmill, shopping, riding in the car or sitting on an airplane.

So, why should you create a Podcast? Because you can and you are smart enough to realize that any opportunity to communicate with your customers and employees is time well spent. The other thing to think about is Podcasting is relatively new. Get started now and you are probably ahead of your competition and you know how great it is to be ahead of them!


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