The Beerbelly, A Great Story!

During lunch yesterday at the WOMMA conference, we met Brooks Lambert, CEO of Under Development, Inc. With a company name like that, you just have to ask about it. He has a great story about how significant buzz can be created around a product through word of mouth.

He and a couple of friends decided to create a personal, portable beverage system that would allow one to surreptitiously bring a beverage into a public arena. This sounds to stuffy, they wanted to sneak their own beer into a baseball or football game where this is frowned on. After all, on average, beer is 12X more expensive than regular gasoline and we know how we all fell about that.

So, Brooks and his team created "The Beerbelly", and after a few refinements, had a product ready to launch. They put up a web site with a shopping cart and were ready for orders. They had decided that they weren't going to spends a lot on marketing and advertising. After all, they had a product that people should want to talk about if they could get the ball, or belly, rolling.

For some reason, that was made clear, they decided to send the product to Gizmodo, the tech gadget Bloggers, and asked them if they ever talked about stuff like this? As you can see from the link, they do and did talk about it.

Now here is the power of Word of Mouth, Gizmodo has a pretty significant following and this one, 160 word post, generated two million, that's 2 MILLION, hits on the Beerbelly site and resulted in thousands of sales. Not to mention a lot of notoriety and media interviews.

You just have to love it! They could have spent thousands and thousands of dollars over an extended period of time and not gotten anywhere near the buzz they created for about $.0. And people still ask if Word of Mouth Marketing can really work?

I can't wait to see what the nect product will be!


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