An Interesting Concept from Tony Perkins

If you have been involved with the Internet business for the last 6 or 7 years, you have probably run across Tony Perkins. He used to be the editor of Red Herring magazine and known for putting on conferences with the A-list entrepreneurs and venture capitalists talking about what was new in technology.

Tony now is involved with a couple of ventures including the social network, Always On, and still putting on conferences with the A-list attendee like his recent event at Stanford. One big change is that he now offers web access free to anyone who wants to see and hear what’s going on live or you can watch the sessions later to see what happened.

He did a blog post a couple of days ago where he talks about his thoughts on the differences between what occurred during the first Internet bubble and why he thinks this time is different. In fact, he thinks this is “the best of times” to start an Internet company.

For any of out there with an idea for a new Internet business, you should give a quick read and see his thoughts on the subject. It sounds like he is going to do a couple of follow up posts on the subject. You might also spend some time looking around his social network site and see what’s going on.


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