Prediction3- Social Media and the 2008 Campaign

It’s possible that that this one is maybe too easy a prediction. I think that the first usage of bloggers and the Internet in a campaign was Howard Dean in his run for President in 2004. He connected with bloggers including the network that’s part of Daily Koz and was able to raise a lot of money over the Internet.

And, we all remember last year when Ned Lamont was able to defeat Joe Lieberman in the Primary for Democratic Senator in Connecticut using the blogosphere especially Daily Koz. I guess this is also an example that shows that hooking up with the blogosphere does not guarantee winning the general election since Lieberman ran as an independent and beat Lamont. Overall during the 2006 Mid Term race, there were a lot more bloggers talking  about their candidates.

Already we can see how candidates in the 2008 race might use the blogging community during the campaign. John Edwards, who has had a blog up for some time, decided to announce his candidacy first in a video created by Andrew Baron and Joanne Colan of Rocketboom and uploaded to YouTube on December 27th the day before he officially announced. Additionally, he had a number of well known bloggers traveling with him including the well known video blogger, Robert Scoble, who has an interview on his ScobleShow Videoblog.

During this announcement tour, he also did a live blog session with Daily Koz and held a Town Hall meeting including an online audience from Iowa.

Now there was a considerable amount of traditional media following him around and journalists interviewing him. But there were also the non-traditional journalists with handheld video cameras and laptops with high speed wireless connections who were getting the same amount of access with a candidate who values what they do.

Bottom line, I believe, is that social networking tools will become more mainstream and have a greater place in the primary process. Who knows, maybe these new journalists will be the difference in the next election.


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