Wireless Applications Developers, Listen Up

I recently came across a post by Jeff Bussgang, a VC with IDG Ventures where he lists three predictions for 2007. If you are either developing or thinking about developing mobile media applications, you should read his third prediction.

I have recently run into a number of people who follow the GenY/GenX demographic who believe that a singe device that provides web surfing, music downloading, IM, voice communication, and a full array of social networking capabilities will be the single device carried by these folks. There is clearly a need for some new handsets with better video resolution and wider bandwidth, but it will be worth it.

I also heard a panelist at a recent event mention how the younger members of this demographic carry less than full featured phones and would not be able to receive any of this multi-media content very easily. This may be true today in the US, but remember there is not a lot of premium content, social networking applications or significant bandwidth available in the US today. However, you can bet that if the cool kids who are responsible for creating the tipping point situations start using cool new phones with rich content over high bandwidth, a large percentage of current users will want to trade up to the new cool phones. This is why mobile media providers need to start building their communities and stop waiting for the carriers to build them for them.

San Diego is the center for wireless technologies, we should be the focal point for these new applications and handsets and be setting the road-map for the future use.


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