D.A.V.E. From Seagate

If you are developing applications for mobile devices and feel constrained by the amount of storage currently available with cellular handsets, you need to look at D.A.V.E. (Digital Audio Video Experience) from Seagate. Robert Scoble has a video interview with Andy Berwitz (sp) who runs Market Development for Mobile Consumer Products who talks about DAVE.

DAVE is a new portable storage device that comes in 10G and 20G formats for around $150-$175 and is about the length and width of a credit card and as thick as one of the new cell phones. It comes with Bluetooth, WiFi, and a USB connection, although Andy never talked about USB. As long as this device is within 30 feet of a Bluetooth device or within the recieving area of a WiFi hub, you can connect and exchange documents or access applications on DAVE. More importantly, if you pair with another Bluetooth device, you can share files between them.

This sounds pretty cool. More importantly for application developers, this frees you from two critical aspects when dealing with cellular sets: storage and battery. DAVE is pretty well set up with both of these.

The product is scheduled for general availability around May or June. The do have a developers kit that they will be releasing the end of March and they support the primary mobile operating environments Symbian, Nokia Forum, Brew and Windows Mobile. 

They are planning on an official announcement at the Demo show currently going on in Palm Desert, but you can get an early peek on Robert’s show.


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