Other Examples of CGM in the Mainstream

The vast majority of people who watched the Superbowl yesterday watched the commercials. For the last 20+ years, the commercials shown during the game are highly anticipated and much media coverage and hoopla is generated before and after the game. Additionally, there is a high cost for advertising during the game. Yesterday, the commercial time ran $2.5M for 30 seconds, a considerable amount of money.

This year, for the first time, two companies and one organization used material not created by a big ad agency but by consumers. Chevrolet and Frito Lay were the companies and the National Football League was the organization.

I found it interesting that Frito Lay’s one big hit, Live the Flavor, came from a small team of twenty-somethings for a cost of about $12.78. That’s right, twelve not twelve thousand or million, just twelve dollars and seventy-eight cents.

In an interview on this morning’s Today Show, the team said they took about 21 takes and the $12.78 was the cost of 4 bags or Doritos, although they did admit that they ate one of the bags for lunch but  still included the cost in the total.

Along with the winner, Frito Lay had 4 runners up and are going to run all five through the end of March.

The Chevrolet ad was created by a college freshman, Katie Crabb, although a real ad agency took her concept and produced it. As part of her prize she gets an internship this summer at the ad agency that does Chevrolet’s ads.

My point here is that some consumers, not slick ad agencies, got to produce ads that showed during the Superbowl at rates of a couple of million dollars for half a minute. I wonder how the Chevrolet and Frito Lay ads costs stacked up against the nine ads that Budweiser ran? Let’s calculate these ROI’s and see if CGM might make sense?


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