Children’s Educational Network

A few days ago, I got to see Greg Writer, the CEO, of the Children’s Educational Workshop present his business opportunity to a group of Angels at a Keiretsu Forum meeting in San Diego. As Greg mentioned, there are about 53M American youths (4-16 years) that access the Internet from their homes. Few of these use systems that protect them from accessing pornographic materials or chatting with the numerous pedophiles that surf the net and look for opportunities to interact with these children. Well Greg got tired of it especially since he had children of his own to protect.

Greg didn’t sit on the side lines and complain. Instead he created the Children’s Educational Network and its safe browser, TUKI(tm). Additionally, he offers TUKI as a free download for end users and is developing relationships with major brands who are targeting this demographic and creating “Private Label” browsers.

Kudos to Greg and I hope he is successful at building this business. We need more entrepreneurs who are willing to take on issues like protecting our children from sites with inappropriate materials and the sick people who try to communicate with them. If you have children, download TUKI and give it a try. It won’t cost you anything to try out. If your kids like TUKI, you can get access to more rich content for a low  monthly fee.


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