eJamming, a Very Cool Company

Yesterday afternoon I attended a screening of companies looking to present to the SoCal Keiretsu Forum members and was pleasantly surprised. One of the companies screening was ejamming and the presenter their CEO Gail Kantor. I had come across them earlier this year as they were a presenter at Demo 07 out in Palm Desert and had taken the DemoGod award. Their solution allows musicians or wannabe’s to play, practice or learn by playing with others over the Internet. This might sound like a “So What”, but the big deal is everything is live! More importantly, they have solved a significant problem of latency or everyone in sync with each other and no one behind because of delays in the data caused by the network or distance.

 One of the demo’s I had seen on YouTube was a recording of a live session at the Bitter End in NYC where the singer and drummer are on stage while the bass player is in Boston and the guitar player is in Upstate New York. They did a Stevie Wonder number and you could not tell that everyone was not on the same stage.  I tried to provide a hotlink, but the video is down.

There is another set of segments on YouTube about a classical pianist who is now using ejamming to teach piano to students who are hundreds of miles away. Before ejamming she was severely limited in who she could provide lessons to since it had a lot to do about how far the students, or their parents, would travel. ejamming and a MIDI equipped keyboard solved all that.

What I hadn’t learned from the Demo background is the CEO, Gail Kantor has been in the music business forever. Her bio lists, among her many accomplishments, being one of the original Harlettes, Bette Midlers fabuloues backup group. Does it get much better?

A fascinating woman with lots of energy and a great concept and company. I plan to do a Podcast in the near term to let her talk about the company and what she is looking for in financing. In the mean time, if you get a chance, check them out.


2 Responses to “eJamming, a Very Cool Company”

  1. 1 Alan Jay Glueckman August 15, 2007 at 12:13 pm

    Thanks for the great write up and for all the nice things you said about our technology and Gail. Here’s a link to a video we made when we introduced eJamming to the world at Musik-Messe in Frankfurt Germany the end of March – John playing guitar in our booth in Frankfurt with Trevor also on guitar in the north of England and Martin on keyboards in Cologne: http://www.ejamming.com/about/video/

    We also have an mp3 of a work session up on the eJamming website, also between John and Trevor, as they play Steamroller Blues; you can listen to their live session here: http://www.ejamming.com/site_media/sounds/steamroller_blues.mp3

    As you can hear, musicians tell us eJamming AUDiiO connects them so they feel like they’re playing and chatting in the same room, even if they’re 8000 miles apart – and the audio quality is very high. They can even record their sessions (obviously).

    Alan Glueckman
    eJamming Inc

  2. 2 socalbuzz August 15, 2007 at 1:08 pm


    It isn’t often that I run across really breakthrough technologies. Lot’s of companies feel that their new thing will be the Next New New Thing. I think yours might just be one.

    I have mentioned ejamming to a number of people over the last couple of days and get a consistent Wow about solving the latency problem. One person I was talking to earlier today wondered whether the solution would also work for video?

    In any event, good luck on your money raise. I don;t think you need any luck with your business. Great technology, stellar team, it’s all about you ability to execute.

    Maybe I will meet you if you tag along at one of the K4 Forums.

    Jim Butz

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