New Music on my Podcast – Peter White, Michael Paulo & Brad Parker

When I started my Podcast about two years ago. I thought, in the spirit of Southern California, it would be neat if I were able to use Southern California artists for the music I use to open and close each cast. Of course, I really didn’t want to infringe on any-ones copyrights and use their music without getting permission. Getting permission proved to be challenging unless I was willing to pay for the rights, which if this were a business and I was making money, I would gladly do.

I ran across a couple of artists who said I could use their music, but it ended up that they did other peoples song’s and didn’t own the rights to the music and lyrics. So, I was using some very good music from Creative Commons.

A couple of weeks ago, I attended a concert by Jazz Guitarist, Peter White where he mentioned that he has lived in LA for the past 20 years; you wouldn’t think he could keep his British accent that long. His saxophonist was Michael Paulo who is best known for his work with Al Jarreau in the ’90’s. Michael happens to live in Hemet.

So, after the show, I went backstage and talked with both of them and asked for permission and both agreed. So, I have two new sources for music from Southern California musicians.

In talking about it at a networking event, Brad Parker, the CEO of a new start-up and musician himself, told me I was welcome to use his music also and went to his car and brought me a couple of his CD’s.

So, now I can rack up another accomplishment. I now can say I have SoCal musicians on SoCal Buzz!

Very Cool.


2 Responses to “New Music on my Podcast – Peter White, Michael Paulo & Brad Parker”

  1. 1 Bloomson August 27, 2007 at 4:11 pm


    I’ve been following your posts for awhile. On two occasions I’ve used your analysis to invest. Thanks for that. You mentioned that Brad Parker is part of a new start-up. What is the name of that company? Thanks and keep posting.


  2. 2 socalbuzz August 28, 2007 at 2:23 pm


    Thanks for the comment and I am glad to hear that my posts have been useful to you.

    The company is Muzlink and the site is Brads email is If you contact him, feel free to use my name. He does know me.

    Keep reading!


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