Podcast with Gail Kantor, CEO ejamming

The other day I did a blog post about ejamming and how cool I thought it was. Well this afternoon I got to do a Podcast with Gail Kantor, the CEO, and talk about the company, where they are going and what she is looking to do in her current capital raise.

We decided to ejamming to record the cast. Very easy once you get it up and running. Not very difficult, but not the usual plug-n-play applications we’ve become familiar with. For example, you need a certain device driver and certain capabilities from you sound card. So I had to look around a bit and discovered it had everything I needed.

For doing one-on-one interviews, it’s a little overkill, but, if you wanted to do a conversation involving 3 or more people, this is the system to use. They use .wav files, which are quite large but will soon be supporting .mp3 format.

For any of you musicians or wannabe’s, they are still in beta and you can use the service for free. Even if they weren’t, the planned fees are miniscule considering the value you get.

I really enjoyed talking with Gail and hope you have 30 minutes to listen to her. I think we will be hearing a lot more about ejamming in the future.

Thanks for the great interview Gail.


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