Is Internet Video the Next New New Thing?

Every so often, I find that I hear about something new or different from a number of disparate places that is something I am looking at. Case in point, Internet video, I have been looking at it for some time and trying to decide how much I wanted to get involved in using it.

I had been considering vlogging for some time. My initial reason for procrastination was my complete dislike for editing video. Audio is one thing, but add the video and you have a whole other set of issues to deal with. I ran into Robert Scoble, the king of vlogging, in Seattle in December 2006 and talked to him about his deciding to do very little editing. Arghhh, one reason falls.

Lately though, I found comments from all quarters from Tony Perkins comments at a conference a couple of weeks ago about him believing that in a couple of years every website will have video. Then there was a Tim Draper interview at a conference in New York where he said that he was looking hard at content companies and investing in Internet video companies. Then, listening to Ron Conway, the legendary Silicon Valley Angel Investor, during a recent session of the Stanford Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Session, where he mentions one of the hot buttons is currently Internet video.

OK, so I can take a hint. I had recently purchased a Sony hard drive camcorder, bought a lighting system for very cheap off of ebay, and found some pretty powerful editing software for under $100. Out of the blue, my podcasting server folks decided to up the storage and bandwidth for subscribers, so I had no more reasons for not trying out video.

So, I spent some time and created 15 short, under 2 minutes each, videos on the subject of Knowing Your Investor and put them up on YouTube. A very painless process. Nowhere near the challenging and $5k per minute experience of 15 years ago.

So, I am hooked and am looking to use video where every possible.

Let me know what you think about Internet video and if you see a place for it in your business.


2 Responses to “Is Internet Video the Next New New Thing?”

  1. 1 CVOS man February 13, 2008 at 2:27 pm

    Videos are definitely the future of the net. A viral video can drastically alter your online PR efforts.

  2. 2 socalbuzz February 13, 2008 at 7:33 pm

    CVOS man

    I think I agree although I would like to hear more about your view of the effects on PR efforts. I believe that the ease of publishing video and other media types using the Web 2.0 technologies have the potential to disintermediate the PR world much the same as the Internet has effected the music, print media and direct mail worlds.

    I ran across a release from Comscore that reported the 10 billion, that’s with a “B”, Internet videos were viewed last December in the US. So, there should’nt be any question about whether Internet video is an acceptable media. You should be concerned about how anyone will find yours.

    I should say that the Comscore article mentioned that the writers strike may have had some affect.

    So, how do you think this will progress?

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