Enduro Medical – Might Have Been a Solution for Eight Bells

Sometimes timing is everything. Many of us watched last week’s Kentucky Derby and were saddened by the unfortunate circumstances at the race’s end where the second place horse, Eight Bells, was euthanized in light of breaking both front ankles. Two days later, we get to talk with Enduro Medical’s president, Ken Messier, who talked aobut their NEST product that they believe would have resulted in a different outcome had it been available at Churchill Downs.

Ken traveled from Connecticut to San Diego to introduce K4 members to a revolutionary new device that enhances a horse’s potential to recover from broken legs, ankles or other surgeries. When I asked him about the chances for horses like Eight Bells with two broken legs, he responded that his technology works if there are three broken legs.

We’ll have to wait and see whether he enticedany local investors to help him fund the company, but with major horses losing their lives in two Triple Crown events in the last few years, I would be surprised if horse owners, with millions tied up in thoroughbreds,  wouldn’t demand that the Endure NEST be readily available.


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