PerSage – Have a Post Office Box? Read On

For those of you who have a post office box, how many times have you taken the time to drive over, only to find that you either have nothing or just junk mail? Given today’s fuel prices, this can be costly along with annoying. Well PerSage may just have the solution.

Jim Carrigan presented the company and its product. The solution is to have a small transmitter associated with your mailbox and then have someone in the store press a button that sends you an alert that there is something worth driving to get. You probably concluded that “have someone in the store press a button” eliminates the possibility of having these in US Post Offices, but lots of others have mailboxes from private stores. Now there is no technical reason that this won’t work in the US Postal system other than Mr. Carrigan will have to expend significant resources in an attempt to enter into a contract with them. No small challenge. The good news is that he is not betting on having his happen and is focused on the private mailbox industry.

Jim has the product developed, has some installations and is looking for an angel investment to begin executing on his plan.


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