The Clic – One You Might Want Your Kids to be Part of

In lots of families, helping your children work through the college selection process is a nerve racking and stressful time. Currently, your kids try to figure out which colleges they may want to attend (probably based on which of their friends might be attending), doing an Internet search and then requesting a catalog, which is added to the pile when they arrive. However, there now seems to be an alternative that not only helps with the initial identification but is a long term social networking/media solution called “The Clic“.

Donna Michelle Anderson, who prefers being called DMA, is an energetic CEO who does a great job of explaining the problems and how she is using the new web technologies to solve them. Clic helps not only the students and their families but also takes into consideration the student advisers and colleges.

Clic has a rich set of features for students to help them with the identification, selection and application process including a calendar of events to help them track a specific college’s process. There is an area where students can share the experiences with friends and another where they can seek out and communicate with students at perspective colleges. And a big addition is that you get all this at “No Charge”, DMA has created a business model that uses various advertising models to generate revenue and is not relying on the Eye Ball/Click Through programs that most new web based say will bring them fortunes.

So, this is a site to check out and see how the new web 2.0 and 3.0 technologies can be used. Also, if you get a chance to talk with DMA, you’ll experience the energy and intelligence she brings to the table. Great idea, lots of passion, energy and intelligence makes for a very interesting startup. Check Clic out!


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