Getting from 8 Words to Funding!

If you follow my posts over time, you know I harp on entrepreneurs to open their presentation or Executive Summaries with a well defined Elevator Pitch. Well a recent article in Business Week, shows how, at least, one company was successful with their 8 words; that’s how many the Google team used with Sequioa Capital back when they originally raised their int ital funding.

In the new Twitter generation, article talks about all things being faster and shorter. So, the Elevator Pitch becomes the Escalator Pitch and about 20 words long. You are probably saying, “How can I get the essence of my business opportunity across in 20 words?” If you started by describing your basic concept in 8 words, you can increase it 2.5 times for additional clarity  and be at 20 words.

The bottom line is that you really need to understand your opportunity so well that you can reduce to 8 words and still have people understand what you are trying to accomplish. It really makes you focus. Save all the flowery language for when you have investors attention and can afford to use more words.


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