This Week In Venture Capital, Worth a Look or Listen

Recently, Mark Suster, General Partner @ GRP Partners Venture Capital firm, took over as the host of This Week in Venture Capital a weekly Internet TV show/podcast. The link takes you to a recent show with Jim Armstrong a managing director of Clearstone Ventures.

One of the things I am always stressing is that entrepreneurs should gain an understanding of investors and what drives the investor process. During this 55 minute, there are a number of discussions that entrepreneurs should find interesting. For instance, why a VC who invests $5M in a seed or A round is not as excited if after 5 years there is an exit which pays them back $25M, which sounds like a good return unless you are a VC who has Limited Partners who are expecting better results.

There is also an interesting discussion on mobile coupon apps, which I have seen a number of in the last couple of years and why they are difficult to fund.

I get a lot of questions about taking strategic investments, and there is a great discussion by both Suster and Armstrong on the topic.

This is a pretty new show and I think I have seen all episodes. I think this is certainly worth your time if you want to know more about what’s going on in Venture Capital.

I realized after posting this on Startup Coast, that it is very relevant to what’s happening in Southern California Business. So I decided to post it here also.



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