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Is Video in Your Company’s Future?

If you are starting a new company or expanding an existing one and video is not in your future, I have one serious recommendation, Re-Think Your Future!!! Many businesses are now adding video to their websites to take advantage of video’s ability to give exposure, brand the company, increase traffic and increase conversions.

Recent research from Vovici, a pioneer in the enterprise feedback management space, showed that about one third of online retailers use videos on their sites. Video is exploding in just about every demographic. Online video is expected to grow 45% from 2008 to 2009.  Think about these other stats:

  • Comscore, a leader in digital market intelligence, reported that a record 14.5B, yes that’s billion, videos were viewed by US Internet viewers last December.
  • Neilsen Online reported that 65% of online video views stream between 9am and 5pm Monday thru Friday. Their guess is that people are at work where faster Internet connections exist.
  • Neilson’s Q3 2008 Mobile Video Report showed that 5% of mobile subscribers access video on their cell phones each month.

Now you just have to believe that all this hoopla about video must be grounded in results. Well one of the biggest results is that search engines, for whatever reason, like video along with web sites that are constantly updating their content. There are lots of articles about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Well adding video is one of the techniques that can get you higher in search results.

You might be thinking, what types of videos can I use? How about using a video of the CEO on the home page talking about your products, technologies, or what’s new at your company? Or, how about using videos as part of your FAQ section? You can use videos for product demonstrations or training. After all, if you can get more than 10 million people to view what happens when you add Mentos to 1 Liter bottles of Diet Coke, than wouldn’t you think you can double or triple visitors to your site and then keep them entertained or informed about your company?

So, if you haven’t thought about using video, maybe you should. You can bet that some of your competitors are.


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