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WOW! Tech Jobs Available

On Wednesday evening, I attended Startups Uncensored #20, a monthly networking event sponsored by Docstoc, in Santa Monica. The panel consisted of Jason Nazar (CEO,, Josh Meyers CEO of People Media a subsidiary of, Jeff Tinsley CEO and Founder of MyLife, Robert Angarita Co-Founder of Cramster and Mark Kapczynski VP of Corp Dev at Experian.

During their introductions where they described their companies, at least four of the five stated that they had job openings, with one having 17 openings. I am not sure if Mark from Experian mentioned openings. These are tech jobs: programmers, product managers. So it sounds like the tech job landscape is alive and well at least in LA/Santa Monica especially if you are in any of the mentioned needed categories.


Podcast: Natalie Martin, CEO Blissport

On Valentine’s Day, I did a post on a new company Blissport focused on providing travel information and support, initially to grooms as they plan arguably the most important trip of their life, their Honeymoon. Well, this afternoon I had the pleasure of doing a Podcast with Natalie Martin, the CEO, who is in the process of raising capital as well as getting the business off the ground. Here is a hotlink to the cast. I hope you get a chance to listen and enjoy it and, if you are an interested investor, you can contact Natalie at

Podcast with Gail Kantor, CEO ejamming

The other day I did a blog post about ejamming and how cool I thought it was. Well this afternoon I got to do a Podcast with Gail Kantor, the CEO, and talk about the company, where they are going and what she is looking to do in her current capital raise.

We decided to ejamming to record the cast. Very easy once you get it up and running. Not very difficult, but not the usual plug-n-play applications we’ve become familiar with. For example, you need a certain device driver and certain capabilities from you sound card. So I had to look around a bit and discovered it had everything I needed.

For doing one-on-one interviews, it’s a little overkill, but, if you wanted to do a conversation involving 3 or more people, this is the system to use. They use .wav files, which are quite large but will soon be supporting .mp3 format.

For any of you musicians or wannabe’s, they are still in beta and you can use the service for free. Even if they weren’t, the planned fees are miniscule considering the value you get.

I really enjoyed talking with Gail and hope you have 30 minutes to listen to her. I think we will be hearing a lot more about ejamming in the future.

Thanks for the great interview Gail.

eJamming, a Very Cool Company

Yesterday afternoon I attended a screening of companies looking to present to the SoCal Keiretsu Forum members and was pleasantly surprised. One of the companies screening was ejamming and the presenter their CEO Gail Kantor. I had come across them earlier this year as they were a presenter at Demo 07 out in Palm Desert and had taken the DemoGod award. Their solution allows musicians or wannabe’s to play, practice or learn by playing with others over the Internet. This might sound like a “So What”, but the big deal is everything is live! More importantly, they have solved a significant problem of latency or everyone in sync with each other and no one behind because of delays in the data caused by the network or distance.

 One of the demo’s I had seen on YouTube was a recording of a live session at the Bitter End in NYC where the singer and drummer are on stage while the bass player is in Boston and the guitar player is in Upstate New York. They did a Stevie Wonder number and you could not tell that everyone was not on the same stage.  I tried to provide a hotlink, but the video is down.

There is another set of segments on YouTube about a classical pianist who is now using ejamming to teach piano to students who are hundreds of miles away. Before ejamming she was severely limited in who she could provide lessons to since it had a lot to do about how far the students, or their parents, would travel. ejamming and a MIDI equipped keyboard solved all that.

What I hadn’t learned from the Demo background is the CEO, Gail Kantor has been in the music business forever. Her bio lists, among her many accomplishments, being one of the original Harlettes, Bette Midlers fabuloues backup group. Does it get much better?

A fascinating woman with lots of energy and a great concept and company. I plan to do a Podcast in the near term to let her talk about the company and what she is looking for in financing. In the mean time, if you get a chance, check them out.

Apple Response Time?

A story was released in the major media outlets this morning about how personal information is being downloaded with the songs that one purchases on iTunes. Now, I am not sure that the information included is that sensitive, but that’s not what I find interesting about the event.

Apple, as a company, has a “no blogging” policy. Consequently, they will have to rely on the traditional methods to respond to the story. What I am interested in is just how long this will take? You know, with all the approvals and checkpoints in the traditional method, it might take a day or two.

Too bad they don’t have established blog channels where they could respond immediately and get their side in the media more quickly to diffuse the story.

Interview With Kathy Woolverton, President of SoftSearch

Although it is Memorial Day, I had an opportunity to talk with Kathy Woolverton the President of a new business software distribution company called SoftSearch. I found out today that one of the downsides of being a global company is that there are some holidays that are just not followed outside the US and Memorial Day is one of them.

I met Kathy while she was presenting to the Chapters of the Southern California, Keiretsu Forum Angel group. She is in an interesting space with an in place system, quality team, distribution agreements and is generating revenues.

You can hear the cast at So, if you have about 15 minutes, give a listen and hear about her company.

Get to Give, New Startup

I was recently at a Keiretsu Forum (International Angel Group) of which I am a member and saw Aaron Saddock, President, of a new startup, Get To Give. Interesting company with an interesting objective. They have created a new kind of loyalty program that has a three-way win. They work with consumers, charities and merchants to create a way for a consumer to give have money donated to their favorite charities when shopping at stores who’s owners have agreed to support those charities. The consumer gets a loyalty card, signs up at Get to Give’s web site and selects up to five charities they would like to support. They then look through a list of local merchants who Get to Give has signed up and when the consumer makes a purchase and shows their card, they get a discount on their purchase and the merchant send a donation off the charity.  Charities can also have cards created with their brand on them.

As I said in the beginning, this is a very interesting concept. I talked with Aaron and have a Podcast of the conversation.  If you have few minutes, check it out. I think it is great when a team of young entrepreneurs get together and focus on ways to make things better while still building a technology focused business.

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