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New Podcast – Interview with Ken Liu of Mindtouch

I had an opportunity do a Podcast with Ken Lie the CEO of Mindtouch, a Southern California company. I saw Mindtouch while attending the Blogworld and New Media conference in Las Vegas last month and thought they have an interesting product and story. They are taking the concept of a Wiki to a new level and giving it a lot more capability that the average company can benefit.

I also discovered that they are just about ready to go after a Series A, $5M round of financing. So for you investors who are interested in investing in the new media tools as they move into business, give Mindtouch a look and a listen.


Podcast with Brad Parker, CEO Muzlink

I had an opportunity to create a Podcast with Brad Parker about his new company, Muzlink. For music lovers, Muzlink provides a valuable service, specialized search for music. Although it is possible to find specific information about music or an artist using generic search engines, it is difficult since what you are looking for is usually surrounded with pages of stuff you are not looking for.

For example, if you want to find out about Blues, you also have to sift through things like Blue Nile, Blue Fin Tuna, and thousands of other sites that have the word “blue” in them. Muzlink is just about music and artists. So, it makes things easier.

Brad is also a musician, so I used his music to open and close the cast.

Muzlink is currently looking to raise an Angel round of $600K. Anyone interested in finding out more can contract Brad at If you are interested in finding out about his music, his record label is Riozen.

Podcast with Gail Kantor, CEO ejamming

The other day I did a blog post about ejamming and how cool I thought it was. Well this afternoon I got to do a Podcast with Gail Kantor, the CEO, and talk about the company, where they are going and what she is looking to do in her current capital raise.

We decided to ejamming to record the cast. Very easy once you get it up and running. Not very difficult, but not the usual plug-n-play applications we’ve become familiar with. For example, you need a certain device driver and certain capabilities from you sound card. So I had to look around a bit and discovered it had everything I needed.

For doing one-on-one interviews, it’s a little overkill, but, if you wanted to do a conversation involving 3 or more people, this is the system to use. They use .wav files, which are quite large but will soon be supporting .mp3 format.

For any of you musicians or wannabe’s, they are still in beta and you can use the service for free. Even if they weren’t, the planned fees are miniscule considering the value you get.

I really enjoyed talking with Gail and hope you have 30 minutes to listen to her. I think we will be hearing a lot more about ejamming in the future.

Thanks for the great interview Gail.

New Music on my Podcast – Peter White, Michael Paulo & Brad Parker

When I started my Podcast about two years ago. I thought, in the spirit of Southern California, it would be neat if I were able to use Southern California artists for the music I use to open and close each cast. Of course, I really didn’t want to infringe on any-ones copyrights and use their music without getting permission. Getting permission proved to be challenging unless I was willing to pay for the rights, which if this were a business and I was making money, I would gladly do.

I ran across a couple of artists who said I could use their music, but it ended up that they did other peoples song’s and didn’t own the rights to the music and lyrics. So, I was using some very good music from Creative Commons.

A couple of weeks ago, I attended a concert by Jazz Guitarist, Peter White where he mentioned that he has lived in LA for the past 20 years; you wouldn’t think he could keep his British accent that long. His saxophonist was Michael Paulo who is best known for his work with Al Jarreau in the ’90’s. Michael happens to live in Hemet.

So, after the show, I went backstage and talked with both of them and asked for permission and both agreed. So, I have two new sources for music from Southern California musicians.

In talking about it at a networking event, Brad Parker, the CEO of a new start-up and musician himself, told me I was welcome to use his music also and went to his car and brought me a couple of his CD’s.

So, now I can rack up another accomplishment. I now can say I have SoCal musicians on SoCal Buzz!

Very Cool.

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